Companies in the Bronx Which Provide Well-Paying Job Opportunities

In today’s time, there are more than 1,800 business in the Bronx which is 12% more than it had in the last eight years.

With time the unemployment rate in the Bronx has reduced drastically, it came down from  a two digit percentage to a single digit. The rate of unemployment has been reduced to 5.7%, which shows it has fallen 10% in the last six years.

In today’s time, there are more than 1,800 business in the Bronx which is 12% more than it had in the last eight years. You can see that the rate of development and growth in the Bronx is actually double of what it was 8 years ago.

The Bronx is booming in culture and is rapidly turning into a developing borough in NYC. The borough has seen an overflow of recently built housing buildings, enhancing parks and amusement parks in the area and furthermore, a host of several local businesses. Several people are relocating from other boroughs and settling in the Bronx to escape from rising land costs in and around the New York City areas.

There are several companies in the Bronx which provide high-class job opportunities to people, some of them are listed below:

. Grady’s Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Grady's Cold Brew

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Grady’s Cold Brew

They started their business in Brooklyn, where they were lucky to find a 6,000 square foot space for the company’s headquarters in Williamsburg. When they started to expand their business, they could not get more space in Brooklyn, as the prices were so high even though building quality was poor. That’s why they started looking for spaces in other boroughs of New York City. They found a better place in Hunts Point which is twice the size of their original space, and is the best place to set up their production house. Now the business is flourishing and providing numerous job opportunities to the residents of the borough.

· Chelsea Craft Brewing Company

Chelsea Craft Brewing Company

Beginning at the Chelsea Piers in 1995, Chelsea Craft Brewing Company shares a lot of its brewing cues.

They started their business in Manhattan, but after flooding from Hurricane Sandy, they need to move somewhere else. They then settled in an unexpected location, which is surrounded by several auto and food packing businesses in the central Bronx, an area known for several manufacturing and industries. The company had to pay 80% less rent in comparison to what they were paying in Manhattan. And they have a bigger place which can easily accommodate tours, restaurant, and a tap room. It was the first brewery of its kind in the Bronx, and is now known for providing several job opportunities to the residents.


· Tile Company Sicis

Tile Company Sicis

Sicis is synonymous with luxury in all its artistic, decorative and architectural forms so it uses Gold .

They also started their business in Manhattan, but when they wanted to expand they started looking for affordable places which have easy access to the highways, and they came across a building in Port Morris. They renovated the place and set up their business there, which not only proved to be fruitful for them but also provided employment to the residents of the Bronx.

· Top Banana

Top Banana

Top Banana has quickly gained a reputation within the H.P.M. for providing quality produce as well as customer service that will keep you coming back.

It is one of the growing businesses in the Bronx which has gained popularity very quickly in the locality for providing quality products as well as excellent customer service. They do not only sell bananas, but also provide a colorful collection of tropical produce as well as provide a variety of fruit and vegetables which you require for your daily life.